• Remembering Elizabeth Taylor, the Original Angelina Jolie

    Original article by Michael Musto publised on wmagazine.com No one played the role of great actress, fabulous celebrity, and selfless humanitarian with the dexterity of Elizabeth Taylor, who died on this day in 2011. (Angelina Jolie might come close, but Liz is still Queen.) There’s never been anyone whose performances…

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  • Elizabeth Taylor, Michael Jackson and Marlon Brando’s Rumored 9/11 Road Trip: The Truth Behind the Myth

    It’s one of the most irresistible, if improbable, Hollywood stories of recent times. After the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, did Elizabeth Taylor escape New York City by getting in a rental car with Michael Jackson and Marlon Brando and driving all the way to Ohio? Not so, says, Tim Mendelson,…

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  • Vanity Fair Icons

    Once a little princess at MGM, Elizabeth Taylor would soon become the undisputed queen of Hollywood. Married eight times to seven men and censured by the Vatican (making her perpetual tabloid fodder), she had a Starring Role in 20th-century drama, with iconic performances in National Velvet, A Place in the…

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  • Why the Taylor-Burton Diamond Is Also Known As The Cartier Diamond

    In 1969, when a 69.42-carat pear-shape diamond was put up for auction in New York there was a lot of interest in the flawless gem. A couple of bold faced names stood out among the dealers and collectors.

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  • Eva Longoria Celebrates 25th Anniversary of White Diamonds and Launch of White Diamonds Night

    Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and Eva Longoria is no exception. That’s why when the Telenovela star hits the red carpet, she often pairs her real diamonds with White Diamonds—the fragrance created by Elizabeth Taylor in 1991. “I remember saving my allowance to buy it because I loved the…

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  • Portrait of Elizabeth Taylor, 1951, by Virgil Apger

    Vogue Exclusive: Unseen Photos of Elizabeth Taylor

    One of the most photographed women in the world, Elizabeth Taylor was a woman of style and substance, whose appeal has lost none of its potency. – Vogue Exclusive: Unseen Photos of Elizabeth Taylor

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  • What You Never Knew About Elizabeth Taylor

    AD’s West Coast editor Mayer Rus sits down to shrimp cocktail and a cobb salad with Charlie Scheips, project director of the Elizabeth Taylor Archive, to talk about what will become of the actress’s vast collection of letters, documents, ephemera, and 10,000 enchanting photographs.

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  • Scotty Beckett and Elizabeth Taylor pose for a publicity shot set in a barn. The young actors appeared together in two films, Cynthia, also known as The Rich, Full Life (1947), and A Date With Judy (1948).  Photo: Archive Photos / Getty Images

    Never-Before-Seen Photos of Elizabeth Taylor

    This Friday, Getty Images Gallery will celebrate the 30th anniversary of Taylor’s philanthropic achievements with a major photography exhibition in London. The show, titled “Grit and Glamour,” will feature approximately 50 rare or never-before-seen images of the actress, including studio portraits, contact sheets, and backstage shots.

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  • “An icon transcends time. Liz was so fabulous and decadent and had a style that evolved with the years…and I’m sure I’ll be married just as many times!” By Carine Roitfeld & Jean-Paul Goude

    Katy Perry as Elizabeth Taylor

    “An icon transcends time. Liz was so fabulous and decadent and had a style that evolved with the years…and I’m sure I’ll be married just as many times!” By Carine Roitfeld & Jean-Paul Goude

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  • Catherine Opie: 700 Nimes Road

    At Home with Ms Taylor

    It was November of 2010 when I first drove up to 700 Nimes Road in Bel-Air, the most glamorous neighbourhood of Los Angeles. As the gates opened, I entered into the private world of Elizabeth Taylor and found myself in a unique position to document a transition that at that…

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