Still one of the best-selling perfumes in the world, Elizabeth Taylor’s White Diamonds has generated over $1 billion in its 20+ year history.

Elizabeth Taylor launched a perfume at a time when celebrity fragrances were uncommon. The first was Passion in 1988 and it was followed by White Diamonds, which is still one of the top selling celebrity fragrances of all time. What many don’t know is that Ms. Taylor was heavily involved in the creation of her fragrances, from the scent to packaging. She directed the composition of the fragrance notes for White Diamonds to represent the love she had for her gardens – Amazon Lily, Italian Neroli, Egyptian Tuberose, Narcisse, Turkish Rose, Jasmine, Italian Orris, Amber, Oakmoss, Patchouli, and Sandalwood. The product name and bottle design, also art directed by Elizabeth Taylor, reflect the eternal connection between the legendary actress and her famous diamonds.

Besides its commercial success, White Diamonds was named Best Women’s Fragrance and was inducted into the Fragrance Foundation’s Hall of Fame in 2009. Elizabeth Taylor’s forward-thinking sense of style and fashion make White Diamonds both a classic and contemporary perfume for women today. As she said in her own words, “Every woman, no matter how small it is, covets a diamond. If you have it as a perfume it’s the same sense of sparkle and uplift. It’s diamonds in a bottle.”

In May of 2014,  a new fragrance in the White Diamonds line was released. White Diamonds Lustre, inspired by the effervescent flowers that were found in Ms. Taylor’s gardens, is a modern interpretation of a classic fragrance. Master perfumer Carlos Benaim said it best:  “The Lustre woman is today’s incarnation of the timeless glamour and passionate nature that Elizabeth Taylor personifies and inspires.”

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