A New Online Experience for the Elizabeth Taylor Brand

A New Online Experience for the Elizabeth Taylor Brand
November 5, 2013 Puria Keshmiri
Welcome to the redesigned Elizabeth Taylor online experience. The official site you are exploring today is just a beginning; one of many steps that we are taking to build a brand that celebrates the life and preserves the legacy of Elizabeth Taylor.

In the coming months, you will see more content on this site and exciting new initiatives that are linked to the Elizabeth Taylor brand name. Always a progressive and savvy business woman, she established The Elizabeth Taylor Trust with specific instructions to develop and grow the business ventures she established during her lifetime, which notably includes one of the world’s most popular fragrance lines. Far from a vanity play, she did this to benefit those she loved and, critically, to continue to support her life’s great cause: the fight against AIDS.

You will often see stories here about the ongoing work of The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation (ETAF), which focuses on direct services for people affected by HIV/AIDS. Ms. Taylor established ETAF to provide funding to AIDS service organizations around the world. As yet another testament to her resolve, she set up her Trust so that 25% of the royalty income received from her ongoing business ventures goes directly into ETAF.

During her lifetime, Ms. Taylor was known for her generosity as much as her beauty and her passions. The mission of The Elizabeth Taylor Trust is to honor Elizabeth Taylor’s life by creating products and experiences that transform a passion for beauty into a world with more compassion. We cannot achieve this mission alone, which is why we welcome your feedback. You can participate in our journey here on this site, or on various social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

We were fortunate to have known and loved Elizabeth Taylor during her lifetime. She inspired us with her courage, her love of life, and her compassionate desire to help those in need. With the relaunch of this site, and through the conversations and experience we wish to stimulate, we hope you will be inspired, too.

Barbara Berkowitz, Trustee
Tim Mendelson, Trustee
Christopher Wilding, Trustee

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