Elizabeth Taylor’s jewelry collection was renowned as one of the greatest ever assembled. The legendary star was a passionate patron of Bvlgari jewels and throughout her life owned many one­of­ a kind pieces representative of the brand’s distinctive style. Today, Bvlgari embraces Elizabeth Taylor’s name and likeness, incorporating the marveled collection of jewels she once owned, as well as exhibiting iconic portraits of her throughout the world.
“The Art of Bulgari ­ 130 years of Italian Masterpieces,” September 7, 2015­ November 29, 2015 at the Tokyo National Museum. The Elizabeth Taylor Trust loaned Bulgaria Ms. Taylor’s yellow wedding dress to Richard Burton for display.


Exclusive Elizabeth Taylor room at the Cartier Mansion on 5th Ave in NYC.


The landmark auctions of The Collection of Elizabeth Taylor at Christie’s New York from December 3­17, 2011 realized a combined total of $156,756,576. The sale drew unprecedented interest from bidders throughout the world, who gathered in Christie’s flagship Rockefeller Center sale room to compete in person, on the phone, on­line and by absentee bid to win one of the Collection’s 1,778 lots of jewelry, fashion, decorative arts and film memorabilia. The total far exceeded Christie’s pre­sale expectations for the sale as a whole and for individual items, which were frequently hammered down for five, ten, or even 50 times their estimates in some cases.
As one of the most highly­ anticipated sales in auction history, the Collection generated intense interest from bidders throughout the world, with 36 different countries represented during the four days of live auctions. This historic sale set a world record for the most valuable sale of jewelry in auction history, and set a new bar for the most valuable collection of fashion ever offered at auction. It also marked the Christie’s first ­ever Online­ Only sale, which ran in parallel to the live auctions at Christie’s New York.


Elizabeth Taylor brought her artistic vision to life in collaboration with Piranesi’s Sami Hajibay. Her inspiration gave rise to “piece unique” works of art, each with an alluring story referencing the glamour and sophistication of her own life collecting priceless jewelry and gems. Elizabeth Taylor loved that her dream to design pieces of jewelry for others had been achieved with the Elizabeth Taylor Piranesi Collection.

Tiffany & Co

The famed jewelry house has embraced iconic photographs of Elizabeth Taylor to celebrate some of her most favorite jewels.


700 Nimes Road by Catherine Opie

In the book 700 Nimes Road —named for Elizabeth Taylor’s Bel Air, California address—photographer Catherine Opie explores the connection between Elizabeth Taylor the star and Elizabeth Taylor the person through intimate and at times poignant “indirect portraits” of the icon’s life at home, including shots of movingly personal items. Opie, whose portrait work typically explores the relationships of individuals to their social or political communities, spent six months capturing some 3,000 images of Taylor’s residence. (The number was edited down to 129 for the book.) The photos were taken just before and after Taylor’s death in March 2011.

Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol explored the themes of fame and celebrity throughout his life. In the 1960’s he created paintings of many celebrities, including Elizabeth Taylor. Warhol’s iconic Elizabeth Taylor images are featured in merchandise inspired by the artist’s designs including tote bags, poster, cuff-links and more.


Getty Images Gallery

Getty Images Gallery in London hosted Grit & Glamour, a major photographic exhibition celebrating Elizabeth Taylor. The 2015 collaboration between Getty Images and the Elizabeth Taylor Trust marked 30 years since the actress first began her leadership in the fight against HIV/AIDS. The exhibit includes rare photographs discovered in the Getty Images Archive that spanned decades of Elizabeth Taylor’s legendary career as an actress, providing a behind-­the-­scenes look into the life of one of the most photographed women of all time. A portion of the proceeds from each sale benefits The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation. The exhibition is currently looking for venues to travel the images to New York, Los Angeles, South Africa, and France.

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German Kinematek in Berlin

Museum of Film and Television hosted Grit & Glamour during the Berlin Biennale for four weeks in February 2016.

The Museum of Contemporary Art, MOCA

Catherine Opie: 700 Nimes Road

­Taken over the course of six months at the Bel Air, California, residence of Elizabeth Taylor, the exhibition’s photographs are drawn from two series: Closets and Jewels, and 700 Nimes Road. Inspired by William Eggleston’s images of Elvis Presley’s Memphis estate, Graceland, Opie creates a portrait of Ms. Taylor from her personal space and mementos. The artist photographs rooms, closets, shoes, clothing, and jewelry that depict an indirect, yet deeply intimate, portrait of a life defined by wealth and fame. In the artist’s words, the project is not about the relationship to celebrity but about “the relationship to what is human.” The exhibit is on view from January 23 – May 8, 2016 at MOCA Pacific Design Center.

The Museum of Contemporary Art, MOCA

“The Art and Science of Gems” will take place at the ArtScience Museum in Singapore, from April 21st to August 14th, 2016. The patrimonial exhibition is an exceptional cultural event, representing an enchanted journey revealing over a hundred years of incomparable Van Cleef & Arpels design and creations, featuring select pieces from Elizabeth Taylor’s former private collection.

Twentieth Century Fox and CLEOPATRA

In 2013, Twentieth Century Fox partnered with The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, Cinecittà Studios, and Bulgari on a multifaceted campaign celebrating the 50th anniversary and the Blu­ray release of the digitally restored iconic film Cleopatra. The partnership included London and Rome based tours, a visit to Bulgari’s gem workshop, a stay at the London Bulgari Hotel, and tours of Cinecittà Studios, where scenes from Cleopatra were filmed, and Bulgari’s Condotti flagship store, which houses Ms. Taylor’s jewelry collection. Additionally, Bulgari created a Cleopatra inspired piece of jewelry that was auctioned off and donated to The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation.


Elizabeth Arden

Still one of the best-selling perfumes in the world, Elizabeth Taylor’s White Diamonds has generated over $1.5 billion in its 25+ year history.

Elizabeth Taylor launched a perfume at a time when celebrity fragrances were uncommon. The first was Passion in 1988 and it was followed by White Diamonds, which is still one of the top selling celebrity fragrances of all time. What many don’t know is that Ms. Taylor was heavily involved in the creation of her fragrances, from the scent to packaging. She directed the composition of the fragrance notes for White Diamonds to represent the love she had for her gardens – Amazon Lily, Italian Neroli, Egyptian Tuberose, Narcisse, Turkish Rose, Jasmine, Italian Orris, Amber, Oakmoss, Patchouli, and Sandalwood. The product name and bottle design, also art directed by Elizabeth Taylor, reflect the eternal connection between the legendary actress and her famous diamonds.

Besides its commercial success, White Diamonds was named Best Women’s Fragrance and was inducted into the Fragrance Foundation’s Hall of Fame in 2009. Elizabeth Taylor’s forward-thinking sense of style and fashion make White Diamonds both a classic and contemporary perfume for women today. As she said in her own words, “Every woman, no matter how small it is, covets a diamond. If you have it as a perfume it’s the same sense of sparkle and uplift. It’s diamonds in a bottle.”

Other fragrances by Elizabeth Taylor available for purchase:
Passion (1988)

Passion for Men (1989)

White Diamonds (1991)

Diamonds and Emeralds (1993)

Diamonds and Rubies (1993)

Diamonds and Sapphires (1993)

Black Pearls (1996)

Sparkli/ng White Diamonds (1999)

Brilliant White Diamonds (2001)

Forever Elizabeth (2002)

Gardenia (2003)

Violet Eyes (2010)

QVC – The Elizabeth Taylor Jewelry Collection

Elizabeth Taylor was admired for her stunning beauty, her award­-winning film career, and her passion for jewelry, owning one of the world’s most preeminent personal collections. In partnership with the most popular home shopping networks in the world, the Elizabeth Taylor Trust has created a collection inspired by Ms. Taylor’s most iconic pieces, made accessible for jewelry lovers everywhere.


Mattel released five commemorative Elizabeth Taylor dolls throughout the past 15 years, the faces of which were all reviewed and approved by Ms. Taylor herself after providing her blessing to have a Barbie made in her likeness in 2000. The final two, released in 2012 were named after the legendary actresses best­selling fragrances­­ the glamorous Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds Barbie and the Elizabeth Taylor Violet Eyes Barbie. Elizabeth Taylor Barbie’s wardrobe includes a tiny red ribbon near her shoulder to represent her commitment to battling HIV and AIDS.


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