Julia Misbehaves 1948

Julia Misbehaves 1948 Elizabeth Taylor

In London, crafty performer Julia Packett (Greer Garson) receives an invitation to her daughter’s wedding in France. During the trip, Packett uses her feminine wiles to finagle money from a few hopeless men, and encounters a proposing acrobat (Cesar Romero). When Packett arrives, she is reunited with her daughter (Elizabeth Taylor) and her wealthy husband (Walter Pidgeon), although class conflicts with his family separated them years ago. Packett’s scheming ways make for an interesting visit.
Initial release: August 8, 1948
Director: Jack Conway
Box office: 4.497 million USD
Budget: 2.706 million USD
Screenplay: Gina Kaus, William Ludwig, Monckton Hoffe, Harry Ruskin, Arthur Wimperis