Activism April 2024

Elizabeth Taylor Redefines Beauty

In an era where ageism still permeates our perceptions of beauty and success, women often find themselves overwhelmed with societal pressure to defy aging and cling to youth. Yet, there’s a revolution brewing that celebrates the beauty and power of aging, echoing Elizabeth’s personal thoughts about the process. She embraced aging with enthusiasm and saw it as an accomplishment, not something to hide. 

As we uphold Elizabeth’s legacy, it’s important to recognize her age at the height of her entrepreneurial endeavors. As much as we love the cultural emphasis on her youthful glamour, let’s shift the spotlight to the reality that she was in her 50s when she launched both her perfume line and her AIDS organization. In today’s landscape of female empowerment, Elizabeth’s role as a woman CEO and entrepreneur challenges the notion that youth is a requirement for achievement. Elizabeth’s personhood continued to evolve even after leaving the big screen behind, standing as a testament to breaking barriers and forging one's path, regardless of age or gender.

Beyond her professional achievements, Elizabeth understood the transient nature of physical beauty, rejected vanity, and embraced life in its entirety. She forged new ventures at an age when society tends to devalue women, redefining the standard of beauty to match her vision. We thank Elizabeth for reminding us that age is but a number, incapable of defining the breadth of our achievements or the direction of our journey ahead.