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Delve into Elizabeth Taylor’s luxurious fragrance collection.

British-born actoress Elizabeth Taylor watches her fiance Eddie Fisher as he performs on stage at the Tropicana in Las Vegas, Nevada, August 1959. Taylor is wearing diamond jewelry given to her by Fisher. (Photo by John Bryson/The LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images)

World of

Delve into Elizabeth Taylor’s luxurious fragrance collection.

World of Fragrance

Elizabeth believed that a well-chosen perfume is an essential accessory for every woman. In 1987, she decided to blend her love of fine fragrances with her entrepreneurial spirit by releasing her first perfume, Passion. The scent was an instant hit. Today, Elizabeth’s record-breaking, award-winning perfume empire continues with 16 different scents in total, including the iconic White Diamonds. You can explore the world of Elizabeth Taylor fragrances here.

Elizabeth personally designed her line of signature scents, working with master perfumers to ensure that each one was a glamorous peek into her unique and exciting lifestyle. She was so passionate about the quality of her perfumes that she not only wore them herself, but refused to wear anything else. This level of authenticity and the way in which the Elizabeth Taylor fragrance collection exudes her sophistication and feminine sensuality have served as the backbone for their massive commercial success. Additionally, a portion of the profits generated by these fragrances support The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation. Today, House of Taylor carries on Elizabeth’s legacy and, in partnership with Revlon, continues expanding her fragrance empire.

White Diamonds

In 1991, Elizabeth debuted White Diamonds, which, as testimony to its transcendent and enduring appeal, has remained an international best seller since its launch. Inspired by two of her great passions – the lush beauty of her gardens and the brilliance and glamour of the diamonds she loved – Elizabeth Taylor created this sensual, floral fragrance. It imbues its wearer with the glamour and sparkle of her world-famous diamond jewelry collection.

To generate excitement for the launch of White Diamonds, Elizabeth embarked on a multi-city promotional tour, visiting department stores across the U.S. while sharing a first look at the fragrance’s commercial. In the now iconic video, titled “White Diamonds, Starring Elizabeth Taylor,” Elizabeth uttered the famous line, “these have always brought me luck,” in reference to a sparkling pair of diamond earrings.

In the years since its debut, a series of innovative, White Diamonds-inspired fragrances have been released, including Sparkling White Diamonds (1999), Brilliant White Diamonds (2001), White Diamonds Lustre (2014), White Diamonds Night (2016), Love & White Diamonds (2017), and White Diamonds En Rouge (2019).

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White Diamonds Legacy

Honoring the 30th anniversary of the original White Diamonds perfume, 2021 welcomed the launch of the limited edition White Diamonds Legacy. The perfume’s design pays homage to the original scent by adopting the iconic diamond inspired collar, in addition to radiating Elizabeth’s signature femininity through floral notes that feature honeysuckle, gardenia and amber. White Diamonds Legacy leaves a trail of timeless glamour that captivates the senses.

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Passion for Men

After the success of Passion, Passion for Men hit the shelves in 1989, as a masculine, woody counterpart to the original feminine scent. This refined, oriental cologne was a massive sales success and makes its wearers to stand out from the crowd in the best possible way. This fragrance is promoted as a stellar choice for the man with an adventurous spirit and zest for life.

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Fragrant Jewel Collection

Celebrating Elizabeth Taylor’s fascinating allure, Elizabeth Taylor’s Fragrant Jewel Collection features fragrances of depth and character, much like the women who wear them. Launched in 1993, these include Diamonds and Rubies, Diamonds and Sapphires, and Diamonds and Emeralds.

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Other Heritage Fragrances

Launched in 2003, Gardenia is an alluring floral scent that transports its wearers to a lush garden in full bloom. In fact, to create this fragrance, Elizabeth worked with a master perfumer to replicate the beautiful aroma of her private garden. Its silky notes of gardenia, orchid and peony result in a beautiful bouquet of scents that you can wear any time of the day or night.

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Violet Eyes
Launched in 2010, Violet Eyes is a captivating, one-of-a-kind fragrance with exotic floral notes of jasmine, purple rose, and sweet peony, along with juicy notes of white peach and earthy amber.

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