Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor defined modern celebrity and is considered the last classic Hollywood icon. Elizabeth Taylor Trust and Elizabeth Taylor Estate.
Activism May 2024

Celebrate Pride Month with the Limited Edition Elizabeth Taylor Pride Collection T-Shirt

Elizabeth Today May 2024

HBO Original Documentary “Elizabeth Taylor: The Lost Tapes”

Activism April 2024

Elizabeth Taylor’s Influence in West Hollywood

Activism April 2024

Elizabeth Taylor Redefines Beauty

Film April 2024

Elizabeth Taylor Shines in Little Women

Fashion & Lifestyle March 2024

The Iconic Hairstylists of Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Today March 2024

Elizabeth Taylor’s Legacy of Style Found In Marc Jacobs 2024 Spring/Summer Collection

Activism February 2024

Happy Birthday, Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Today February 2024

Elizabeth Taylor’s Glamour Redefined: House of Taylor Launches First-Ever Apparel Line

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Elizabeth Taylor Films and Fragrances

Fashion & Lifestyle February 2024

Elizabeth Taylor Through the Eyes of Legendary Photographer Douglas Kirkland

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Meet the Taylors: How Elizabeth’s Family Landed in Los Angeles

Film December 2023

A Winter Movie Series Starring Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Today December 2023


Fashion & Lifestyle December 2023

Elizabeth Taylor’s Bulgari Sapphire and Diamond Sautoir

Activism November 2023

The Formation of amfAR

Film November 2023

A Mighty Cast for a Giant Movie

Relationships November 2023

Elizabeth Taylor’s Last Walk Down the Aisle

Activism September 2023

ETAF Hosts the 4th Annual Elizabeth Taylor Ball to End AIDS

Relationships September 2023

Elizabeth Taylor, The Political Wife

Elizabeth Today September 2023

New in Paperback: “Elizabeth Taylor: The Grit and Glamour of an Icon”

Film August 2023

Overcoming Grief on the set of “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”

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The Elizabeth Taylor Dolls

Film July 2023

Start Your Summer with an Elizabeth Taylor Film Fest

Relationships June 2023

“It’s Tuesday, I love you.”

(Original Caption) 1962-Rome, Italy: Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra, is shown seated on a chair in front of a stairwell, on the set in Rome where the movie is being shot.

Film June 2023

Elizabeth Taylor in “Cleopatra” Makes History with a Record Salary Contract

Film May 2023

Elizabeth Taylor Raises Money for ETAF with Her Role in The Flintstones

Elizabeth Today May 2023

Elizabeth Taylor and Hollywood’s Next Generation

Elizabeth Today April 2023

Elizabeth Taylor Violet Eyes

Film April 2023

Adapting “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” for the Big Screen

Activism April 2023

Elizabeth Taylor: The first globally recognized celebrity HIV and AIDS Activist

Elizabeth Today April 2023

Fragrant Jewel Collection

Fashion & Lifestyle April 2023

An Elizabeth Taylor Easter

Fashion & Lifestyle March 2023

Get Ready with Elizabeth Taylor

Film February 2023

These Old Broads: A Reunion of Hollywood Stars

Relationships February 2023

Hidden Files: Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton’s Love Letters from Elizabeth’s First Authorized Biography

Relationships February 2023

Not All Things are Black and White: Elizabeth Taylor and Debbie Reynolds

Film January 2023

Elizabeth Taylor at The Academy Awards

Elizabeth Today January 2023

Talk of the Town: Reviews of Elizabeth Taylor’s New Biography

Photo by Robert Penn

Elizabeth Today December 2022

Elizabeth Taylor Fans Share Their Favorite Photos and Memories

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The House of Taylor Holiday Gift Guide

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“Elizabeth Taylor: The Grit and Glamour of an Icon” from Author Kate Andersen Brower Out Now

Fashion & Lifestyle November 2022

Lessons in Camp Aesthetics from Boom! (1968)

Fashion & Lifestyle November 2022

Pair it with Passion

Film October 2022

All Roads Lead to Rome: The Making of “Cleopatra” (1963)

Fashion & Lifestyle October 2022

An Elizabeth Taylor Halloween

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Now Premiering: “Elizabeth The First,” An Original Podcast From Imperative Entertainment, House of Taylor, and Kitty Purry Productions

Elizabeth Taylor in “Cleopatra”
1963 20th Century-Fox
** B.D.M.

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House of Taylor is now Live on TikTok

Elizabeth Today September 2022

The Perfect Night In with an Elizabeth Taylor Double Feature

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How Elizabeth Taylor Became a Star

Elizabeth Today August 2022

Introducing, “Elizabeth Taylor: The Grit and Glamour of an Icon”

Fashion & Lifestyle July 2022

The Mike Todd Diamond Tiara

Fashion & Lifestyle July 2022

Elizabeth Taylor’s Garden in a Bottle

Relationships July 2022

Elizabeth Taylor and Her Beloved Brother, Howard Taylor

Activism July 2022

Elizabeth Taylor and Women’s Reproductive Rights

Activism July 2022

Elton John on Elizabeth Taylor as an LGBTQ+ Ally

DISNEYLAND, CA – FEBRUARY 27: actress Elizabeth Taylor, accompanied by her husband Larry Fortensky and Michael Eisner at Mickey Mouses 60th birthday party February 27, 1992 held at Disneyland California (Photo Paul Harris/Getty Images)

Fashion & Lifestyle June 2022

Elizabeth’s 60th Birthday Celebration at Disneyland

Relationships June 2022

Love In All Its Forms: Elizabeth Taylor and the Five Love Languages

Elizabeth Today May 2022

Gucci x Elizabeth Taylor

Fashion & Lifestyle May 2022

A Garden for the Ages

Elizabeth Today May 2022

It All Starts With A Signature: Introducing Montblanc’s Elizabeth Taylor Writing Instruments

Fashion & Lifestyle April 2022

Passion Over Convention: Elizabeth Taylor’s Unique Wedding Dresses

Relationships April 2022

Somebody to Lean On: The Friendship Between Rock Hudson and Elizabeth Taylor

Photographer: Terry O’Neill

Fashion & Lifestyle April 2022

Guts and Guile: Elizabeth’s Road to Recovery

Fashion & Lifestyle April 2022

The Glamour and Creativity of Elizabeth’s Fragrances

Film March 2022

Elizabeth’s First Academy Award: The Story Behind BUtterfield8

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Elizabeth and Richard: Till the Wheels Fall Off

Elizabeth Today February 2022

Elizabeth Taylor: A Trailblazer for the Modern Day Mogul

Fashion & Lifestyle February 2022

Rubies, Diamonds, and Love

Activism February 2022

The Path of AIDS Activism

Fashion & Lifestyle February 2022

Elizabeth Taylor and Edith Head: Women Empowering Women

Elizabeth Today January 2022

Bringing Elizabeth’s Core Values Into 2022

Activism December 2021

Elizabeth’s True Calling

Relationships December 2021

How the World Turned Its Back on Elizabeth Taylor

Relationships December 2021

Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift: A Friendship to Remember

Film November 2021

Dare to Speak: How Elizabeth Taylor’s Voice Changed an Industry

Fashion & Lifestyle November 2021

Behind the Camera: Elizabeth Taylor and Gianni Bozzacchi

Fashion & Lifestyle October 2021

How Caftans Became Elizabeth’s Signature Look

Fashion & Lifestyle September 2021

Written in the Stars: Elizabeth Taylor’s Astrological Birth Chart

Fashion & Lifestyle August 2021

Elizabeth Taylor’s Style Evolution: How She Embraced Her Power Through Fashion

Gary Bernstein

Fashion & Lifestyle August 2021

Paving the Way: Elizabeth Taylor’s Influence on Today’s Stars

Activism June 2021

30th Anniversary of The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation

Activism June 2021

Elizabeth Taylor’s Life as an LGBTQ+ Ally

Activism June 2021

A Cause Worth Fighting For

Fashion & Lifestyle May 2021

Night Magic: Elizabeth Taylor and Studio 54

Fashion & Lifestyle May 2021

Discover the Story of White Diamonds Legacy

Relationships May 2021

A Mother Above All Else

British-born actoress Elizabeth Taylor watches her fiance Eddie Fisher as he performs on stage at the Tropicana in Las Vegas, Nevada, August 1959. Taylor is wearing diamond jewelry given to her by Fisher. (Photo by John Bryson/The LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images)

Fashion & Lifestyle May 2021

Reminiscing on the Love & White Diamonds Perfume Launch

Fashion & Lifestyle May 2021

Red Carpet Ready: Elizabeth Taylor’s Iconic History at the Academy Awards

Activism April 2021

The Handshake Seen Around the World

Elizabeth Today April 2021

In Conversation with Mitch Erzinger, the Archivist of Elizabeth Taylor’s Estate

Fashion & Lifestyle March 2021

A Name that Sparkles: The Stories Behind The Elizabeth Taylor Diamond and the Taylor-Burton Diamond

Relationships March 2021

Honoring the Anniversary of Elizabeth and Richard’s First Wedding with Details from the Event

Elizabeth Today March 2021

Elizabeth Today: Fierce Femininity

Activism February 2021

Elizabeth Taylor Sits in on the Fight for Civil Rights

Relationships February 2021

Valentine’s Day: Elizabeth Taylor the Hopeless Romantic

Fashion & Lifestyle February 2021

Elizabeth Taylor: Timeless, Global Style Icon

Elizabeth Today January 2021

New Year, New Me: How Elizabeth Taylor Managed to Reinvent Herself Time & Time Again

Elizabeth Today January 2021

Introducing The Archive Page On ElizabethTaylor.com

Activism December 2020

The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundations Hosts “The Elizabeth Taylor Ball to End AIDS: VIRTUAL”