Elizabeth Today May 2024

HBO Original Documentary “Elizabeth Taylor: The Lost Tapes”

On August 3, 2024, HBO unveils a compelling portrait of Hollywood legend and activist, Elizabeth Taylor, available to stream on Max. Directed by Nanette Burstein, Elizabeth Taylor: The Lost Tapes celebrates its world premiere at The Cannes Film Festival, offering audiences a rare glimpse into Elizabeth’s life, told in her own words. From her childhood to her enduring legacy, viewers will experience an intimate understanding of the woman behind the iconic status. 

The film allows Elizabeth’s own voice to narrate her story, accompanied by personal photos, home movies, and clips from her unforgettable roles that echo her real-life challenges and triumphs. More than a retelling of an extraordinary life, Elizabeth Taylor: The Lost Tapes is a deep dive into Elizabeth’s complexities, allowing viewers to rediscover her as she navigated lifelong fame, identity, and public scrutiny all on a global scale. What emerges is the story of a woman who refused to be defined by the limitations imposed upon her by society, from portraying strong-willed women on-screen to the vulnerability that guided her every step. 

As we eagerly await the premiere of Elizabeth Taylor: The Lost Tapes, one thing is certain: this documentary promises a fresh perspective on a Hollywood icon, inviting viewers to reevaluate her impact on film and the world at large. 

Credits: HBO Documentary Films presents a Zipper Bros film, Gerber Pictures, Sutter Road Picture Company, and Bad Robot production, in association with House of Taylor. Directed by Nanette Burstein; producers, J.J. Abrams, Sean Stuart, Glen Zipper, Bill Gerber, and Rachel Rusch Rich; executive producers, Nanette Burstein, Barbara Berkowitz, Tim Mendelson, and Quinn Tivey. For HBO: executive producers, Nancy Abraham, Lisa Heller, and Sara Rodriguez.