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Valentine’s Day: Elizabeth Taylor the Hopeless Romantic

Much has been written about Elizabeth’s love for being in love.

Famously married eight times to a total of seven men, the unique scope of Elizabeth’s romances is emblematic of her giving and forgiving heart, her appreciation for individualism, her natural tendency to see the best in people, and her lust for adventure. Not to mention, Elizabeth embraced any occasion to get dolled up and then some.

In true Elizabeth fashion, despite the ups and downs that permeated her love life, she never wallowed in heartbreak or let shame dictate her story. Rather, Elizabeth the hopeless romantic had an unyielding will to love and to exist in all its beautiful splendor.

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Every day we need to tell someone we love them. Touch them. Thank them for being. It’s so important.

In honor of Valentine's Day, we honor each of Elizabeth’s marriages. Elizabeth took the oath of marriage very seriously and she committed to each union with faith and determination. Each “I do” was spoken with a genuine belief that the relationship was sacred and forever. “I think marriage does give a sense of oneness that just being together can’t,” Elizabeth one said.

Always inspired by her confidence and conviction, we choose to celebrate her romances as dynamic and thrilling chapters of her enduring legacy.

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Conrad “Nicky” Hilton, 1950-1951

Michael Wilding, 1952-1957

Michael Todd, 1957-1958

Eddie Fisher, 1959-1964

Richard Burton, 1964-1974

Richard Burton, 1975-1976

John Warner, 1976-1982

Larry Fortensky, 1991-1996

[quote]If I love someone, I love them always.[/quote]